Sustainability reporting is at the best of times bland and one directional. Corporations typically try to tell their sustainability story through lengthy reports using any number of  standards or guidelines that read like the who’s who of acronyms…..GRI, IRI, SASBI.

The sustainability report recently published by General Motors is a breath of fresh air. It is interactive, engaging and informative and David Tulauskas and his team at GM Sustainability are to be complemented for the new benchmark that they have set.

I particularly like the way that GM have made it easy for readers to personally contribute towards GM’s sustainability efforts by integrated some of their sustainability-related activities into the report.

Take a look at the site and try it out. Click on the tab on the right hand side entitled “Help us maximise our impact” and then select  the activity you’d like to support – plant a tree, sign the climate declaration or donate a One World Futbol…..all for free with GM picking up the tab.

My favourite option, and I am biased given my professional relationship with One World Play Project, is the donate a ball option. I love the idea that I can help GM to spread the power of play to people around the world with just a click and help GM in return by sharing their great sustainability report with my family, friends and community.

The insight here is that people want to support brands that do good and do well….and have value to add beyond just purchasing products. A click, share or download all have currency in their own way and are invaluable to the causes they are supporting.

Bravo GM.