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Our Value Add: Growing the value of more purpose-full teams, leagues, events and venues.

Our Approach: Our insights, methodologies and experience help rights holders build better performing organizations by embedding purpose as a key strategic business driver and positioning them to do good and do well. This leads to:

  • new revenue streams
  • enhanced fan engagement opportunities
  • reduced business risk
  • improved operational efficiencies
  • new partner activation platforms
  • greater community relevance
  • enhanced social and/or environmental impact

Our Solutions

  • purpose strategy development
  • strategy implementation
  • commercial activation
  • fan engagement management
  • employee engagement management
  • measurement and reporting
  • employeetraining and development
  • sustainability solutions
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Our Value Add: Help activate brand purpose through more purpose-full “story doing” sponsorship programs that maximise sponsor ROI and community impact.

Our Approach: Move beyond awareness and fan experiences to capture share of heart. Our purpose driven strategic solutions connect fans with their passions and the causes they care most about placing sponsors at the heart of the conversation. This leads to:

  • greater fan loyalty and advocacy
  • incremental sales
  • enhanced brand equity
  • expanded reach and new activation platforms
  • purpose centred short form content
  • access to community influencers
  • positive social and/or environmental impact
  • enhanced social media engagement metrics

Our Solutions:

  • Purpose-full sponsorship strategy development,
  • Thought partnership
  • research and insight management,
  • sponsorship management,
  • sponsorship activation,
  • fan engagement management
  • sustainability solutions
  • employee engagement management
  • training and development
  • measurement and reporting
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Our Value Add: Shaping more purpose-full commercial and engagement strategies that amplify impact

Our Approach: Our entrepreneurial flare and creativity leverage purpose-full strategies to deliver more engaged fans, enhanced brand relevance and incremental revenue streams….all while delivering enhanced social and/or environmental impact.

Our Solutions:

  • Purpose-full commercial strategy development
  • research and insight management
  • commercial activation
  • fan engagement management
  • measurement and reporting
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Purpose-full advisory, commercial and engagement solutions for sports sponsors, rights holders and non profits wanting to amplify their ROI purpose-fully.


What We Do

Brands that embrace the strategic business purpose of improving people’s lives outperform those that don’t. While the corporate sector is embracing this insight to build more meaningful growth, the sports sector –  sports sponsors, rights holders, non profits and their agencies  – have been slow to adopt this opportunity. That’s where we come in.

Purpose + Sport provides purpose-full advisory, commercial and engagement solutions to sports sponsors, rights holders and non profits wanting to move beyond traditional philanthropy and CSR by embedding purpose at the heart of what they do. In short, to do good and do well.

Our proprietary “Net Positive” methodology, developed around major events like Super Bowl 50 and 34th America’s Cup, delivers multiple benefits for sports sponsors, rights holders and athletes: Benefits include enhanced brand equity; incremental revenue streams; meaningful engagement with fans, employee’s and other stakeholders: improved operational efficiencies, reduced risks and lasting social and environmental legacies. In short, an improved ROI…..Return on Impact.

Fans also want to play their part by doing good.

Our purpose-full fan engagement solutions engage sports fans around the issues they care most about and place sports sponsors, rights holders and athletes at the centre of the conversation. This leads to greater levels of brand engagement, loyalty and support ….. all while delivering greater social, environmental or economic impact.

It’s time to move beyond traditional philanthropy and CSR.

Embed purpose at the heart of what you do.

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