Grounded in Purpose and Sport.

Purpose & Sport was founded by Neill Duffy as the next chapter in a career that has spanned the business of sport at the highest level across the USA, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Neill’s story is rooted in sport and inspired by a desire to see sport play a more purpose-full role in society.

Neill Duffy - Chief Executive & Founder

Neill Duffy – Chief Executive & Founder

Major events, global sponsors, purpose-full impact.

Doing Good and Doing Well

Neill enjoys an established track record for having delivered strategic brand building and business solutions for global brands across multiple sectors . He has developed unique expertise across some of the most important sports events in the world while delivering social and environmental impact across a wide range of issues.

Expertise in Global Sports Events.

Summer Olympics, FIFA World Cup, Super Bowl and America’s Cup.

Experience across multiple sponsor categories.

Financial Services, Automotive, Retail, FMCG, Telecommunications, Sustainability

Social & Environmental Impact across a wide range of issues.

Environment, Play, Ocean Health, Conservation, Empowerment, Job Creation, Financial Literacy, Youth Access,

Inspired by President Nelson Mandela’s belief in the power of sport to change the world.

First hand experience of how the 1995 Rugby World Cup in South Africa played a critical role in giving birth to the “Rainbow Nation” inspired Neill to focus his attention on reimagining the role of the business of sport in society.

Our Solutions

Neill has subsequently established himself as a respected practitioner and  thought leader in the purpose and sport space having led successful efforts to embed purpose in sponsorship programs for the last 20 years on three continents and transform major events like Super Bowl 50 and the 34th America’s Cup into purpose-full endeavours that set a new benchmark for how rights holders and sponsors embrace purpose to do good and do well.

Our Manifesto – What We Believe.

That the business of sport can be a powerful contributor to a more sustainable world.

That sponsors, teams, leagues, events, venues and athletes have a significant role to play in amplifying sports potential social and environmental impact.

 That it’s no longer necessary for organisations to choose between doing good OR doing well. For us, success is defined as doing good AND doing well.

That corporations that move beyond a traditional approach to social responsibility by embracing Purpose as a key strategic business driver outperform those that don’t. We believe that improving people’s lives is “good” business.

We wont rest until we have redefined what success looks like across the business of sport by positioning Purpose as the accepted management philosophy of rights owners, sponsors and athletes across the industry.

Inspiring the business of sport to go good and do well.

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