Project Description

Placing purpose in the centre of an organisation’s business model is a catalyst for positive transformation. We know because we have worked with some of the world’s leading brands and institutions to do just that.

Purpose + Sport’s International CEO, David Butler, has spent the past two decades dedicated to instilling purposeful narrative, activation and impact with institutions, events, corporates, third sectors and start up business. 

AS CMO of the the Honda F1 Racing Team; the first F1 racing team to gain the ISO14001 environmental certification as well as beating Greenpeace to the prestigious Green Award – David transformed the challenges created by the team’s “earthcar” into a purposeful message and commercial programme that retained the teams’ sponsors and created multi-million dollar revenues.

As first head of the prestigious Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, later promoted to Global Marketing Director, David not only placed the message of “Sport has the power to change the world” as the organisation’s mantra but also led the process to establishing the Foundation as a registered UK Charitable organisation with a global programme of national foundations in the USA, France, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Argentina and the Netherlands. Laureus transitioned from being a red carpet celebration of sporting award winners to a truly global movement in sport affecting tens of thousands of underprivileged children and raising tens of millions of dollars over the past 16 years.

At Euroleague Basketball, second only to the NBA in world terms, David was given a free rein by its CEO to redraft the organisation’s mission statement for the next ten years placing purpose at its centre and supported by his creation of the acclaimed One Team Programme; engaged by clubs and fans across Europe to place positive purpose in action as a fundamental part of all Euroleague basketball.

Extend that sense of purpose and bring to the worlds of fashion and entertainment with the likes of Colin Firth’s adaption of Matt Damon’s “People Speak” broadcast on History Channel from the Prince of Wales’ Theatre in London, Elle Macpherson through her world famous intimates business or the third sector with UNICEF and their ground breaking sponsorship deal with FC Barcelona, Eco Schools; reaching thousands of schools across the UK and  Cape Town’s Olympic Bid – Africa’s first and the precursor to the country’s hosting of the FIFA World Cup and you’ll see just why we’re leading purpose “on purpose”.

Purpose + works; it’s the essential + to your organisation’s future and success.