Project Description

We were part of the Host Committee team that set out to leverage Super Bowl 50 to redefine how major sports events are delivered.

Through this process we delivered Super Bowl 50 as the most shared, most participatory and most giving Super Bowl ever ….all delivered  in a “Net Positive” way – socially, environmentally and economically.

At the heart of our success was the decision to embed purpose as a key strategic business driver for the organisation. The Host Committee’s purpose focussed on actively looking for ways to use Super Bowl 50 as a platform to do good for the benefit of the entire Bay Area, specifically young people living in disadvantaged communities.

Neill Duffy was appointed as Co-Chair of the Super Bowl 50 Sustainability Sub Committee and Sustainability Advisor. In this role, Neill was responsible for developing the Host Committee’s “Net Positive” strategy and overseeing its implementation by the Host Committee team. Neill also secured eight Sustainability Partners for the Host Committee, managed the development and implementation of the Host Committee’s fan engagement campaign Play Your Part and created several legacy programs.

The results achieved through our purpose-full approach to Super Bowl 50 attest to the power of purpose as a key strategic business driver for the business of sports:

  • a $240 million boost the Bay Area economy;
  • $13 million raised for the 50 Fund (Host Committee’s philanthropic arm) from Bay Area corporations benefiting 537 000 Bay Area youth and 141 Bay Area organisation;
  • 1/3 of Bay Area residents (1.9 million) attended at least one Super Bowl 50 related event in the region;
  • $5.5 million spend by the NFL and Host Committee with diverse local businesses;
  • participation in the Host Committee activities by 66 different Bay Area communities;
  • 5 500 Bay Area volunteers signed up to support staffing for the event;
  • Host Committee funding of $60 million from 38 Bay Area Corporations;
  • 141 million fans engaged with on social media during Super Bowl week;
  • Other results can be viewed at our insights portal here.

It is particularly insightful to note the influence of the Host Committee’s commitment to “giving back” on both Bay Area residents and corporations. 80% of the corporations that funded the Host Committee were not existing NFL or 49’ers sponsors and cited that the Host Committee’s commitment to give back to the local community was a major influencer in their decision to support the event. 84% of Bay Area residents surveyed after the event said that they believe it is important for major events to give back to the community.

It is also interesting to note that Super Bowl 50’s emphasis on social responsibility and social connection appealed with one of the most sought after but difficult to reach demographics – Millennials. Of those who participated in Super Bowl 50 related events, 50% were Millennials and 38% were families with children. Overall participation was 52% female and 48% male.