International Projects

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Placing purpose in the centre of an organisation’s business model is a catalyst for positive transformation. We know because we have worked with some of the world’s leading brands and institutions to do just that. Purpose + Sport’s International CEO, David Butler, has spent the past two decades dedicated to instilling purposeful narrative, activation and [...]

Super Bowl 50

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We were part of the Host Committee team that set out to leverage Super Bowl 50 to redefine how major sports events are delivered. Through this process we delivered Super Bowl 50 as the most shared, most participatory and most giving Super Bowl ever ....all delivered  in a "Net Positive" way - socially, environmentally and economically. [...]

34th America’s Cup

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We were part of the Event Authority team that transformed the America's Cup both on, off and under the water. Let's Talk Our America's Cup Healthy Ocean Project aligned the worlds iconic sailing event with a purpose of conserving the world’s [...]